Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Car Seat

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  • The Guardian Pro 2 grows with your child in height and width, to ensure the perfect fit, for the best protection, as they grow from toddler to pre-teen. This child car seat is designed to ensure everything is easy for you, and comfortable for the child.

    The KIDDY Original Impact Shield is designed to protect the upper part of a child’s body from severe injury in the event of an impact. High tech materials have been used to give optimum side impact protection to the head and shoulder area.

    The Guardian Pro 2 seat has a patented built in KIDDY Shock Absorber, which has been constructed using car ‘crumple zone’ technology. This unique shock absorber effectively absorbs the forces created in an impact, thus deflecting them away from the child, and reducing the risk of pelvic injury.

    AVAILABLE COLOURS: Singapore, Sao Paolo, Manhattan, Mumbai, Oslo, Honolulu, Marrakech, Dublin, Shanghai, Silverstone, Owl Family, Little Astronaut

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